Common Ground Oxford presents ‘Melanin.’, a new working group to platform BIPOC student voices in the city

(ID: The Melanin. logo: two hands, one turquoise and one purple, encircling the words ‘Melanin’ written in black text.)

Melanin. aims to create a welcoming environment where we can talk about the ethnic minority experience, & to unite people of different backgrounds in one space to find solutions to issues the community faces.

Melanin. began as a weekly discussion group in Hilary term 2020. Early event titles include ‘The Pitfalls of Patriotism’ and ‘Xenophobia in Light of Coronavirus’. As Trinity term took place virtually, the Melanin. discussion group successfully transitioned to a magazine format, platforming the creative works of Oxford’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) students. These works ranged from poetry and prose to recipes and recommendations. All editions of the Melanin. Magazine are available to view on Substack.

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