Our Sponsors

If you agree that we need to tackle structural racism, classism and legacies of imperialism at Oxford through penetrating conversation which privileges marginalised voices, then what are you doing to help?  Of course, not all support is financial, far from it.  But we could not have done this without some funding.

In the belief that students should take some responsibility for changing Oxford, we applied directly to JCRs and student bodies to fund our campaign.

As Hope Oloye, Pembroke JCR President said:

“Common Ground sounds like a great campaign. Looking at the modern day manifestations of Oxford’s imperialist past is an incredibly worthy cause. Pembroke JCR is committed to promoting the equality of all of our members and so providing funding for a platform from which we can discuss race that otherwise wouldn’t take place is the least we can do as a body to support our BME members.”

It’s good to know that there is support for Common Ground amongst many of the undergraduate population at Oxford.  As yet, only two JCRs have turned down an application for funding.

Pembroke College banner
Pembroke College, Oxford

Thank you to the student bodies that have supported our symposium:

Balliol College JCR – £300.

Hertford College JCR – £100.

New College JCR – £300.

Pembroke College JCR – £150.

Regent’s Park College JCR – £100.

St. Peter’s College JCR – £50.

Trinity College JCR – £300.

OUSU Project Incubator – £350.


All funding goes into current or future events, such as refunding speakers’ expenses and paying overnight accommodation, printing posters, etc. We are totally not-for-profit. All students work on a voluntary basis.  If you would like to know more about what we do with our donations, contact Shreya, our treasurer, who can provide you with fuller details of our accounts.

See more on student responses to JCRs funding Common Ground in the Cherwell’s article here.